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Many residents may not be aware that one of the major costs of operations at the Village is the processing of sanitary wastewater. Interestingly, the Village actually processes more wastewater than the potable water we produce! This means water from other places is infiltrating the Village systems. One of the most common ways that this occurs is when residents hook up their sump pumps to the Village sanitary systems. Sump pump water does not need to be treated and should not go through the wastewater treatment system. In fact, it is ILLEGAL to hook your sump pump into the sanitary system and has been since, at least, 1987.


In an effort to reduce unnecessary and expensive treatment of water, the Village will be contacting residents and businesses that have sump pump connections into the sanitary systems and require that these be disconnected. Village staff will explain alternate methods of dealing with sump pump discharges. If you own one of these homes or businesses, we urge you now, to begin to change over your system. Please contact Joe Moore, Public Works Supervisor at 815-286-3285 for any questions on how to do this. Any sump pump systems still connected will be required to be taken off the wastewater system. As always, the Village appreciates everyone’s efforts to control costs (that we all must otherwise absorb).


The Village of Hinckley has available upon request this year’s Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) or you can print out a copy online. The CCR includes basic information on the source(s) of your drinking water, the levels of any contaminants that were detected in the previous calendar year, and compliance with other drinking water rules, as well as some educational materials. To obtain a free copy of the report, please call 815-286-3836, or you may pick up a copy at  the Village Hall, 720 James St., Hinckley, IL.  Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.pdf Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.pdf

  If someone comes to your door soliciting products or services, ask them to show you their license to solicit issued by the Village of Hinckley and signed by the Village President (James Roderick). If they do not show you their license, call the Village Police Department at 815-286-7282 and provide an officer with a description of both the solicitor and any vehicle they may be associated with. Please share this information with your neighbors and any senior citizens you know.

Please take the time to look around the site and let us know what you think. If you have any ideas for the web site or missing information, please let us know by emailing us at

If you have any questions about the Village, please call us at 815.286.3836.

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Dekalb County Health Department E-Recycling Program


Upcoming Meetings: 

Village of Hinckley Regular Board Meeting, Monday, August 15th at 7:00 pm Agenda

2016-2017 Village of Hinckley Board Meeting Schedule

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The Village is in need of an interested resident to be on the Planning Commission.  Please email the Village President  if you are interested!  

The Water Treatment Plant is back on line as of 5/31/16

2016 Mosquito Control Release

Public Notice about your drinking water

Village Hours

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri. Closed for lunch from 12:30 p.m.-1:00 p.m.

2015 Tax Levy Ordinance

2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

If you experience a water quality issue please contact Dale Youngers from TEST INC. at 815-286-7085.  They will be happy to help.

The Annual Report Summary of Condition for FY2013 is now available on the website on the Document Library Page under misc. 


  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form

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Comed Helping Hand Program

 Hinckley Residents can now pay their Water, Sewer, & Garbage Bills through the Bill Payment Service

Utility Bill Payment Service.

Hinckley Parks and Recreation 

Programs & Registration Form

The Parks and Recreation program flyer is are available to view and print! Click the above link to access the latest program flyer and registration form.  We will continue to add new programs and events so check back often!

Don't forget to get your construction permits BEFORE you begin construction or the fees could double!

 Residents, remember to clean up after your pet when walking in public parks or rights-of-way.

The Village of Hinckley has a No Burn Ordinance that prohibits the burning of leaves, grass, twigs and/or branches.  Furthermore, the Village IS NOT picking up leaves until October.  If you need to dispose of such items, please come into the Village Hall to purchase lawn refuse stickers.  They can be purchased for $3.14 each.   

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