The Village of Hinckley - a small, family focused community


About The Village...

The Village Board

The Village Board is made up of the Village President and Board of Trustees.  There are 6 elected Trustees.  Each Trustee is elected to a 4-year term with three trustees elected every other odd numbered year.

Board Meetings

Regular Board meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Hinckley Village Hall unless otherwise stated.  If the first or third Monday is a holiday, then the Regular Board meeting will be held on the following Tuesday.

The meeting dates in April are the first and last Mondays of the month because the fiscal year ends in April.

Village Committees

a.    Administration – Finance, Personnel, Economic Development, Zoning and Planning;

b.    Public Works – Buildings & Grounds, Water & Sewer, Parks & Equipment, Streets and Alleys

c.    Public Safety – Police, Emergency/Disaster Preparedness

Village History

The Village of Hinckley has a rich and proud history.  In the 1830's, a Mr. Hollenbeck (who lived near Ottawa) was traveling the then-unsettled territory.  He found a fine grove of trees west of the present-day Hinckley, and named the grove after the squaws who were tending camp.

Back in Ottawa, word spread of the undeveloped land, and in the spring of 1835, John Sebree built a log house.  The next year saw more families come to the area, and soon a small town was started at the west edge of what is now Hinckley.  The town's name was Squaw Grove.

Hinckley was conceived in the 1870's as the brainchild of Francis Hinckley, president of the Chicago and Iowa Railroad.  The rail line was placed one-half mile east of the Village of Squaw Grove, which was then named Hinckley.

From this early birth, much change and innovation would come to Hinckley.  Some key dates follow: Methodist Church (1835), first store (1872), Hinckley has 20 businesses (1876), St. Paul's Church (1885), volunteer fire brigade organized (1886), tornado destroys most of village (1889).

As Hinckley moves forward, it may have a new look, but the spirit of good citizenship and village pride has not changed.  Hinckley has a proud past and a bright future.




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