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Government Transparency

Government Transparency Checklist

The Village of Hinckley promotes transparency in all its operations.  By providing this data on our website, residents can be better informed about the services and programs that are provided through local tax dollars.  

The Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) has created a 10-point transparency checklist to hold government and elected officials accountable to the citizens and taxpayers, providing a "best practices" framework intended to improve government transparency throughout the State of Illinois.  It is the Village of Hinckley's mission to conduct government business in an open and transparent manner for all of our community stakeholders.  

The Village of Hinckley Checklist is as follows:

1. Elected and Administrative Officials

 • President, Treasurer, Village Clerk

 • Trustees

 • Village Staff

2. Meeting Information

    Meeting Agendas

  •  Meeting Schedule

3. Illinois Freedom of Information Act

    Learn how to file a FOIA request with the Village

    Past and Present Village budgets

4. Financial Audits

    Annual Audit Documents

5. Expenditures

  • Treasurer Reports

6. Employee Salary and Benefits

    Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF):  Employer Cost and Participation

7. Contracts

   • Prevailing Wage Rates

8. Taxes

  • Tax rate information

9. Licenses, Permits and Forms

Census Information