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Senior Living

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a community organization that prioritizes helping those who are disabled and the elderly fully enjoys their healthy years and age gracefully. Our organization creates and publishes comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources. We have been featured on the Parkinson’s Foundation, US Department of Health and Human Services - Health Finder, Global Healthspan Policy Institute, and is referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the web.

(Assisted Living)

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DeKalb County Elder Care Services

Welcome to Elder Care Services of DeKalb County, Inc. At Elder Care Services, we are dedicated to older adults and to those who care for them. We know the rewards and challenges of senior home care, and are grateful and honored to have been able to assist so many wonderful people over the years.


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Senior Guidance

There are many senior living options for aging seniors. At, we are dedicated to helping seniors, their loved ones and their caregivers to find appropriate senior facilities and communities that may be of interest to seniors who are looking to retire or need special care. Some people will want to retire in the state where they currently live, but some will want to relocate for numerous reasons – to be closer to family, for better weather, for better services or simply to make a change in their lives. Below you can see all senior living communites inside every state in the U.S. On each state page we have also provided you with various senior living resources such as: overview of each city, various supportive services available from the state and federal goverment, senior assistance programs, best places to retire in each state, notable places of interest for senior living, assisted living costs and much more.


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