Village of Hinckley

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Brush Pick-Up

Brush pick-up takes place on the 1st Monday of each month from April through the first Monday in October. When a holiday falls on a scheduled pickup day, pick up will occur the following Tuesday. Branches should be stacked not bundled, near the curb or edge of the street, with the cut ends facing one direction. Stumps, root balls, or root systems will not be collected. Limbs and branches exceeding 4” in diameter will not be collected. Foreign material items, such as construction debris, fence posts, lumber, wire, grass/grass clippings or other yard waste will not be collected. This program is intended for the disposal of limbs and branches removed by the property owner for normal maintenance and upkeep only, not for lot clearing or the removal of trees and shrubs. The Village will not pick up material produced under these conditions, or material produced by a contractor.