Village of Hinckley

Proud Past, Bright Future

Pollinator Garden

The story of the former community garden happens to be one of abandonment and neglect as most residents that wish to garden, do so on personal property. We have relabeled and revived the community garden as our new Pollinator Garden. 


Pizzo Native Plant Nursery donated 300 native plant plugs, including Anise Hyssop, Savanna Blazingstar, Hairy Beardtongue, Slender Mountain Mint, Sullivant's Coneflower, Smooth Blue Aster, and Sideoats Grama.  The Morton Arboretum donated a bald-cypress and a chinkapin oak for our Arbor Day dedication. Our efforts are contributing to the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge (MPGC), hosted by the National Pollinator Garden Network. The MPGC "is a nationwide call to action to preserve and create gardens and landscapes that help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across America. We will move millions of individuals, kids, and families outdoors and make a connection between pollinators and the healthy food people eat."

Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped plant the garden!

If you would like to visit the pollinator garden, you can find it to the east of the Hinckley Village Hall. If you would like to learn more or contribute to the MPGC navigate to the National Pollinator Garden Network.